Practical Information



All summit events will take place at, and all site visits are departing from the Ramada.

Ramada Yichang, No. 27 Yunji Road, Xiling, Yichang City, 443000 CN
Tel: 86 18727251091


Ramada Room Reservation Info: 

Reservation Code: ITDP092016

Average Room Price: $62 USD/night

Other Hotel Options (near the Summit venue):

Taohualing: Average Room Price- $60 USD/night

Guomao Hotel: Average Room Price- $41 USD/night

Junyao Jinjiang

Note: You are required to show a hotel reservation for every night you are in China in order to obtain a visa.  More information on visas can be found below in the “Visa” section.

Flight & Travel
We recommend arriving to Yichang the evening of Tuesday, September 20, 2016. We will have MOBILIZE Volunteers available on this day to direct you to the private coach bus to the hotel.

Airport Yichang: Yichang Sanxia Airport

If you arrive at another time, you can take a taxi to the hotel from Yichang Sanxia Airport for a flat fee of RMB 150. Cash only, tipping is not necessary.

Taxi to Ramada Yichang $150 RMB (cash only)

There are no direct international flights to Yichang, you must go through Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, or Shenzen. There is also high speed train service available from Wuhan.

The visa process can take weeks, and requires that you have a booked flight and hotel reservation*, so please book early with this in mind.  ITDP staff should contact their headquarters administrator for visa requirements. All other attendees, if you require assistance, including a letter from China for your Visa, please contact

*You are required to show a hotel reservation for every night you are in China in order to obtain a visa.

Urban Conditions

Weather: Hot and humid with high chance of rain.

High: 80F/27C

Low:  65F/18C

Air Quality: Urban industrial light. Smoking is acceptable indoors and outdoors.

Electricity: Electricity in China is generally 220V, 50HZ


For more info, visit image source:

Water: It is advisable to drink bottled water in Yichang. Bottled water is widely available and provided free daily at hotels.

Food:  The Guomao Shopping Mall has a supermarket and some fast food restaurants inside.  It is located on No.106 Dongshan Avenue, 15mins from Ramada.  Ramada also has room service till 00:00. We have requested the addition of special food items to the menu for those with dietary restrictions.

Medical Facility: The Yichang No.1 Hospital is located on No.2 Jiefang Road, 10 min walking distance from Ramada.

Internet: Wifi will be available at the hotel and is widely available in China, although speeds and connections are inconsistent. In addition, many international websites are very slow to load, or completely blocked, including all of google’s properties.
Websites blocked in China

Communication: We encourage everyone to download the WECHAT app to communicate while at the MOBILIZE Summit, and keep in touch internationally using Skype or Whatsapp.

Attire: Business casual on a daily basis. For site visits, including the cycling tour, please bring clothes and shoes that are comfortable- walking shoes are strongly recommended for site visits and rain is typical in the afternoon.

Yichang Cuisine: Typical Yichang cuisine is spicy. For meals hosted by conference we will make non-spicy, halal, and vegetarian options available.

Language: Hotel staff will have English speakers available at the front desk for those staying at Ramada Yichang. The conference will provide translation in English and translators at breakout sessions. Do note, there is little to no signage in English outside of major cities in China.

Money: Currency Exchange Rate- USD$1: CNY6.5 (rates may fluctuate) We recommend you exchange money upon entering China and before heading to Yichang. International credit cards are not accepted everywhere, but will be accepted at all hotels. Currency exchange is also available at hotels.

Tipping is not customary in China.