2012: Medellin, Colombia


Bike lanes allow for easy and safe transit throughout the city.

The solutions being implemented in Medellin are not only solving problems seen in the city itself, but in the region as a whole. In addition to its existent sustainable transport projects – cable cars and metro and other initiatives – the following are some of the projects developed during 2011 for which the city is being nominated:

  • Improvement of public spaces: quantity and quality of public spaces has been improved, by means of pedestrian connection improvements, environmental parks, urban promenades, as part of the Urban Integral Project of the city.
  • Public bicycle program – “EnCicla”: A public bicycle system that has started with an approach integrating universities and mass transit, along with other key destinations of the city.
  • BRT – “Metroplús”: The development and inauguration of a BRT project that is fully integrated (physically and fare) with the existent mass transit (metro and cable car).
  • Stop lights and safe crossings: improvement of areas where crossings were not adequate and where universal accessiblity was needed.
  • Intelligent mobility system (SIMM) – ITS system aimed at improving mobility for all users and improving road safety, including photo-fines, CCTV system.
  • Ridesharing program “Comparte tu carro”: To date, 171 institutions are part of this ridesharing/carpooling program.
  • Web 2.0 developments: Through social networks and its website, the mobility-related institutions provide information and feedback to users.
  • Vehicle exhaust emission control and sulphur content improvement.